June, 2013


Hikaru Imamura, a recent Eindhoven grad, developed toys to inform kids of what to expect during their hospital visit. His toys represent four common pieces of medical equipment--CT scanner, X-ray machine, echocardiograph, and electrocardiograph--in simple, wooden forms, and each one has a light or sound, so children can imagine how these strange machines work. (The patient is depicted as part of a family of bears.) What a great idea to attract children’s interest with toys that they can play with and ease fears of scary procedures at the same time!

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Architectural Dancing Figures

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Architect Marc Fornes has a novel approach for testing fabrication techniques in his work: using code and the human form. His latest project, "Les Danseurs du Tailor", is a series of beautiful, dancing, aluminum sculptures which move and rotate into different positions. Because of the complex nature of these shapes, Fornes is able to test his digital fabrication theories which can be applied to his larger scale architectural projects.

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