September, 2013

Case Study: Before and After Ellipse Rebranding

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BEFORE: Ellipse Technologies needed to rebrand their identity to feel more approachable and
friendly in anticipation of future entry into the US market. In addition, it was important to show the
essence of “magnets” which are the core of their technology.

AFTER: Tetra Design Group redesigned the Ellipse logomark to be comprised of three rings representingthe interconnectivity that exists between the company, innovative technology and patients.In addition, where the rings meet in the middle evokes a magnetic field. Business cards, stationary, a PowerPoint template and product datasheets were also created. As a result, the brand feels more professional and polished, the logomark creates awareness of their core technology and the visual elements enhance understanding of the procedure.

Cheerful Graphics Transform A Hospital Environment

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When the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, England decided to redo their Teenage Cancer Ward, they took a decidedly unique approach: designing the ward as a boutique hotel. Patients going through treatment stay in a different room each time. Options include a 1960's pop lounge, a NYC loft and a Regency drawing room. Since research highlights the link between a positive environment and an increase in recovery levels, these colorful and creative environments are sure to lift anyone's spirits.

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