Phoenix Logo Design for Pivot Medical

Posted on: February 4th, 2014 by Maggie No Comments

Sometimes, our clients have a pretty clear vision of the kind of logo they would like to have. The concept can be driven by business decisions, personal taste or something as simple as the product name. When Pivot Medical came to us for a logo design, they had an idea that it should resemble a Phoenix bird to match the name of their new device, the Phoenix Healing Response System — a device comprised of the necessary tools to easily access hip chondral lesions without obstruction.

With a product launch weeks away and supporting materials (data sheets and technique guides) to also design, time was critical. We were able to quickly bring their idea to life by incorporating the symbol of the mythical Phoenix bird in place of the "o" in the word Phoenix. This gave the letter focused logotype more personality. We presented several design options using this approach and a mix of stock and custom illustrations. All logo designs exceeded the clients' expectations. The chosen logo features the Phoenix with soaring wings to represent renewal superimposed over a solid filled "o" to represent fire. The color usage is a burnt red hue to also evoke fire and complement other colors in the Pivot Medical brand family. All deliverables were completed in time for product launch.

Phoenix logo from Tetra Design Group on Vimeo.

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