Heart Rate Monitor Ring with iPhone App

Posted on: October 24th, 2012 by Lina


I love it when function and design aesthetics come together, especially in the form of a medical device which is often times a challenging feat. Check out this experimental ring by Electricfoxy that will keep track of your pulse. I would wear it in a heartbeat!


Hypertension Campaign

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Corbett commissioned creative production studio Taylor James to create the print campaign for Takeda, the Japanese pharmaceutical company. The campaign for their latest drug- Hypertension, an anti-hypertensive drug, consisted of three shots: a heart (shown), lung and brain (click on link below to view these). It's very beautiful and effective!

via Taylor James

Anatomical Chairs

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I love how these wonderful illustrations literally drape themselves over wingback chairs, making themselves right at home! This anatomically upholstered chair is named "Flow" and is part of a series of '50s style Swedish armchairs designed by Paris-based AK-LH.

Evolution of Type by Andreas Scheiger

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These 3D anatomical typography dissections by Andreas Scheiger are stunning, a bit creepy and very cool. These sculptures of partially dissected letters are sliced in sections to reveal realistic looking muscles and marrow.

via Behance-Andreas Scheiger



DNA Portraits

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 I can't stop looking at these portraits made from the subject's DNA samples and personal "debris" left behind. A cacophony of eyelashes, hair, pins, vials. It's all so creepy, weird, funky and at the same time pretty cool.

Michael Mapes via Fast Company

DNA Portraits


Collages by Argentinian Artist Juan Gatti

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This exhibition of artist Juan Gatti's work showcases a series of drawings which combine anatomy drawings of the human body and taxonomy of plants and animals. He claims to have a "more rationalist side and another side that's closer to glam", all of which is evident in this beautiful collection of collages.



I love this anatomical design scheme created by Swedish designer Kari Modén for Swedish pharmacy chain Vårdapoteket. The rich colors and simplified anatomy are a modern and inspiring solution. These lovely illustrations are used on bags, walls and advertising. Simply gorgeous!
via Street Anatomy